September 19, 2012

Damask Accents and Motifs

I didn't add a post yesterday but not because I was being idle ... in fact quite the opposite.

The Canadian company SBI (Site Build It)  that I build my website  Card Making Magic with has introduced some real state of the art tools to create a better look to the pages.

Yesterday I made a start on converting  the pages to incorporate the new features, but it will take me weeks to complete the transition as there are a  " lorra,  lorra pages"  on the website.

Some of the changes  are very subtle and behind the scenes that will not be obvious to my visitors ...what I call my  "Back office stuff"

But others have already changed the look  and are noticeable.  My aim is to increase  my visitors participation and enjoyment when they visit.
Click to Enlarge

So all I have done is make one card  and it  is as far away from Christmas as I could get.

I have used pale Lilac and White and it is all created with the   Damask Accents and Motifs.

The large bow is from purple and silver ribbon and it is wire edged which gives it more shape.

The flowers and leaves have been created from the  Accents set... and the background has been embossed.

The centre button is from Creative-Studios  and the Diamante Swirl is from Want2Scrap

So it's now time for me to get back to work on the website as I want it to be the best experience for everybody whenever they visit.

Please take a peep and tell me what you think about the new look ... the link is at the top of the page.

Hugs xx


  1. I love the colours on this card Christina, I did miss you yesterday, and thank you that you are always aiming to makes our lives better. My Doctor who has been trying to bring me out of a depression , with very little result, until I found you on You tube, thinks that you should be prescribed on the NHS. So never underestimate the posative effect you have on your followers. As always Love and Blessings to you both.

  2. Oh wow! Beautiful card! Just came back from your site and I love the feathers down the side and in the header.

  3. What a lovely simple card. One of those really useful cards.

  4. Beautiful design! I love the flowers, so pretty!
    Sherrie K


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