December 11, 2012

Father Christmas

This is my Santa and I have had him for a long time ... here's the story about how he came to live at  my house.

Once  upon a time .... on a  cold and frosty  Saturday  morning I went  Christmas shopping ... with my youngest daughter ... to a place not far away.  

The town and the shops were all dressed up and ready for the season of good cheer.... The Christmas music played in the background.

Sparkling lights and tinsel   everywhere and  people bustled around looking for that last minute bargain..... 
  ( am I setting the atmosphere for you) 

One shop appealed to us as we walked by and so in we went .... and stood in the corner was the most wonderful Father Christmas I had ever seen ..... it was Love at First Sight ....  and I  just had to have him.

He was  rosy cheeked, grey haired and very rotund and I swear he winked at me as I stared at his beautiful beard.  He was just asking to be taken home ... so what could I say ... I couldn't refuse Santa or he might not fulfill my  wish list..... (intermission)

So he was duly packed into his cardboard box and we left the shop. We made our way back to the car park only to find that the box and Santa would not fit into the boot (trunk) of my daughters car.

Have you ever seen the size of the boot in an MX5 ???? ...  it's not big enough to put your handbag let alone any thing else ... so how we thought we were going to get him home is beyond me.

Fortunately it was a convertible and so in the freezing cold we put the roof down and I had to sit with the large box on my lap sticking out of the top of the car as we drove about 20 miles back to my house.

We giggled and sang Christmas songs all the way home and we got some strange looks I can tell you.

Back to the story ....

Father Christmas came into my lounge,  and he stood proudly by the side of the fire, warming himself after his long and arduous  journey.

He had small parcels  firmly held in his hand  and  he looked so very much at home.

I tidied his beard and re assured him that I would always take great care of him and we have lived Happily Ever After  ...  and I still love him as much as the day he first came into my life.   

The End 

Goodness me I have missed my vocation .... I should have been a story teller ... don't you think ??

Hugs xx


  1. You should have been a story teller...this was so awesome!! Santa is fabulous!! I love that you drove him home in a convertible...that would have been fun to see!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  2. He was meant to come home with you Christina. What a lovely wee story ... I was enthralled LOL

  3. That Santa was meant to be yours.....I did that one time with a rug....thankful I had a convertible too...

  4. So glad it wasn't raining, or all of you would have got drenched! Thanks for sharing your story :)

  5. This is such a lovely post and he truly is a fabulous Santa. TFS

  6. I agree about the story telling Christina - it was lovely. Your Santa does look fabulous. Very many blessings to you are yours for the holiday season and for 2013. Love Betsy xxx


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