December 14, 2012

Featuring ... Drum Roll Please ... Me!!

I am so excited to be featured in this new Spectrum Noir Blog Post    Please pop along and take a  look especially if you use these pens yourself.  There are many guest articles on their Blog and there is sure to be something of interest to you.

The post  features my Colour Class Tutorials  and it makes many things worthwhile to be recognised   this way.

But I wanted to show you this .... and this is especially for those people who think I have a neat and tidy craft room.

Someone asked me if it was normal to be untidy and was I a tidy Crafter ...

Oh No! .. This is what it looks like when I am busy being creative.  It is a mess with a Capital M and there is stuff just about everywhere.

On the work top you can just see the project I was working on and it is a card for a new baby.

I will show you the card tomorrow once it is finished.

Hugs xx


  1. Tidy or EVEN UNTIDY I'd love to have a craft room like yours Christina You have a place for everything Even although it's not all in it's proper place in the photo!!! LOL

  2. Oh I am so relieved to see someone else has a messy Craft room!! My husband doesn't understand how I can find anything in mine at his woodworking shop...well, lets not go there!
    Can't wait to see what you have been working on ;)

  3. I'm shock!!! No not really....I think we are all like this to some point or another...glad to see your mess....LOL....headed over to the new blog....yea!!!


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