December 05, 2012

What a mess...

It's three weeks to go to Christmas and this is the state of my lounge .....

Everything is covered in plastic sheeting and it all looks a mess .... but when it is finished it will look lovely.

We have a through lounge and this the sitting area with the bay window overlooking the avenue.

I have the idea to add stripes to the walls using varnish and I will show you the result once we are straight again.
Dining Room

This is the dining area and this is where I will be adding the tree.

The piece in the middle was once a fire  place.

But rather than go to the upheaval of removing it,  we decided to make it into a feature in the room.

I drew out on some paper what I wanted,  and my very talented "Film Crew" made it for me.

But in all honesty he is a builder so this was an easy job for him and the effect is very good.

We added glass shelves to it on each of the wooden frames and this is where I add my pretty ornaments.

There is a light in the top to highlight the objects... and again I will add photos once it is back to normal.... with my tree in the bottom corner.

Hopefully by the weekend it will all be finished and then I will be ready for Christmas .... well nearly !!

The link for the Enveloplus board is still on until Saturday  here  it is

Hugs xx

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  1. Rather you than me Christina!!! but as you say it'll be all worth it in the end. Look forward to seeing your photos
    Take care xXx


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