December 20, 2012

Mannequin Parade

The other day I bought some dress forms from Cardcraft Plus  and I posted a picture of the bare mannequins on my blog.

 They are gorgeous and although the store is well worth a visit the dress forms are all gone.  How do I know this ????? .... Because I went back to buy more without success.
(Sob Sob)

So I have now decorated one of them and it is gorgeous and it is a Christmas prezzie for ...... ME!!   'Coz now it's done I can't bear to part with it ... and it is much prettier in real life.

I had such a good time adding all the little touches to the form and I have paid great attention to the detail.

I have given her a tiny pearl necklace and the small roses on her lapel are from Wild Orchid Crafts

There are tiny bows and buttons on the back of the dress to hold her necklace and the lace in place.

The butterflies are the Spellbinders Les Papillion 

The dress is created from an Indigo Blu  stamp and was very easy to do .... but I will go through the process  in a video coming soon.

This company also has bare dress forms but they are not as big as this.   They come complete with a stand and so well worth your consideration.

The stamp is called "Bubbles"  and there are some really pretty stamps to choose from.

But once the dress form was covered I couldn't stop there ... Oh no!! she had to have a hat and so that was the next thing to make.

I  made it from pink felt and then dressed it with flowers, ribbons and pearls and added in some feathers for good measure.

And here is my completed project just in time for my Christmas present.

I shall give it to myself on Christmas morning and I shall be so surprised at this beautiful gift.

Then she will take pride of place on my dressing table so that I can see her everyday.

Hugs xx


  1. Gorgeous Christina. I have been busy playing with my new toy, watch my blog tonight as I will be posting pics.xxxx
    Have a Lovely Christmas and New Year if I dont visit again before the big day. xxx

  2. WOW!! is all I can say... then I say... "I want one!!" lol!! This is just beautiful!!

  3. WOW, this is stunning!! I love, love it!! You did such a beautiful's gorgeous!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  4. Super cute Christina - you could always send one my way!! Wishing you all the very best for the Christmas Season and also for the New Year.

  5. Hi Christina
    I have been waiting to see what you would do with your dress forms, this really is stunning - I am sure it will bring a smile to your face everytime you see it on your dressing table.
    Hope you have an amazing Christmas.
    Suzie xx


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