January 31, 2013

A small request please ...

Hi Everybody,

A little while ago I told you about a company that sells "Close Out"  Spellbinders for a really good price.

Well they have now just started a Facebook page which will show you all the new Spellbinders ... as they come in ... so that you will be the first to know of what's on offer.

Scott ( the owner) is going to update the page regularly to keep you all up to date.

He is trying to get  to 1,000  likes in the next few months and I wondered if you would pop over there and see what he has .... click the "Like"  button and make it happen sooner for him.... especially if you have bought dies in the past.

Save On Hobbies   is the website and over the next few days he has some news Spellbinders coming in ... so keep on visiting and then you won't miss them because as they are "Close Outs" once they are gone they are gone.

Hugs xx


  1. Thx Christina. Have liked x

  2. Done and thank you for letting us know about them. I guess you've talked about them before but I've somehow managed to miss it. I'm like everyone else and would love to own all of the Spellbinders but cannot afford to just buy them all. I've been adding to my collection very slowly so Save on Hobbies will be a great source to pick them up a little faster.

  3. Love Spellbinders, Done Christina :D

  4. I already like them and have been excited about the daily updates of coming dies!! I can't wait to purchase them!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  5. ljust love spellbinders so many dies keep looking out for people who might be selling some second hand but that would be a mirical

  6. Thank you so much Christian you are so helpful with all the information we need but acn never find thank you for taking the time to help us all


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