January 29, 2013

Jewel Box Saga ...Pt 4

Hi Everybody,

In the last stage I added all the patterns that I wanted on my jewel box and left it to dry.

Although not shown in the photo I have repeated the process on the two side doors and the lid.

Today I have been back to it and given everything a coat of clear satin finish varnish  and then left it to dry again.

That will protect everything from some wear and tear.

Tomorrow I will put it all back together and add all the "Bling" that I want to add.

So while I am waiting for it to dry I have been busy making some butterflies from flower petals, lace and beads.

They are about 7cms long but they are much prettier in real life than they look on the photo.

I can add these to cards or any project where a butterfly is needed.

This one has white feather added to the back of it and one small rosebud in the centre.

I have curled the antennae from some silver wire, and cut up a small piece of lace that I had in my stash.

It is a good way to use up all your odds and ends and here is a tutorial on how I got the look.

Making Butterflies  is the written instructions but I will have a video out soon.

Click to Enlarge all the photos
This one has the addition of a little sparkle to the wings and i think they look very pretty.

More on the jewel box saga tomorrow.

Hugs xx


  1. Jewel box looking great, can't wait for the finished box. These butterflies are wonderful just had a look at how to make them and will have to try this.

    Wilma x x

  2. Love it so far Christina. I can't wait to see the finished project! Did you videotape the making of this?

  3. Hello Christina, what a great idea. Thank you for sharing another of your fantastic ideas.

    Patricia. xx

  4. You amaze me Christina, I can't believe how beautiful your Jewerly box is turning out, Mine is sanded and now Michael is sick which explains why I am writing this early. I can't wait to see your Jewerly box together!!! Love the design and how you put it on. The butterflies are stunning and I am on my way to check out the written tutorial!!! hugs

  5. Looking good Christina. Those butterflies are going to next on my list of 'to do' they look so very pretty. xxx

  6. Hi Chirstina the box looks good cant wait to see it finished.
    I love the butterflies they look gorgeous.
    you are one clever lady.
    Love Marion

  7. That jewellery box is looking gorgeous Christina. Thanks for sharing how to make the butterflies - they look really pretty. Pat x

  8. taking notes Christina ;) I have a jewelry box that could use a make over...perhaps another project inspired by you! Love it.

  9. The box is looking fabulous!! And wow, the butterflies are gorgeous!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  10. That looks realy beautiful dear, you never cease to amaze me. Love Patricia xxxx

  11. Love what you have done to your Jewerly box so far. Can't wait to see the finished project.
    Your butteerflies are gorgeous.

  12. Oh this is so exciting Roll on the big reveal!
    The butterflies are gorgeous xXx

  13. Your jewel box is looking GORGEOUS...I can't wait to see it finished!

  14. this box is looking good, will your daughter fight you for it?? lol

  15. The jewellery box is looking good can't wait to see it finished x
    Your butterflies are amazing you are so talented xx

  16. This is looking so amazing - wow ! Can't wait to see the finished project. TFS


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