January 15, 2013

I'm very surprised....

Hi Everybody,

After all the entries for the Spellbinders Grand Decorative Circles and all the congratulations that went out to the winner  .... I am very surprised that Cara B has not come forward to claim her prize

 It was such a fantastic Give Away and one I know that many of you wanted ..... badly.

But sadly there was only one ... and Cara was the one drawn randomly by InLinkz.... but where are you ???

The Spellbinders are waiting patiently to be posted to their new owner but you are nowhere to be found.

So all I can say is ...  that to be fair I will wait for one week from the announcement of the win ... which will take us up to Sunday the 20th January.

If they have not been claimed by Cara by  that date then  I will add them again to a "Give Away" and give someone else the chance to win them.

Does that seem fair to you??

P.S. The Blenders are being given away this weekend too so pop back and add your name if you would like to win these ... all hand made by my "Film Crews" own fair hand ... It goes live on Saturday.

Hugs xx


  1. Looking forward to the blenders giveaway. xxxx

  2. Ooh! I'll be here on Saturday to enter for the blenders! I hope Cara gets her prize but I think your solution is very fair. Pat x

  3. you could send them my way! lol

  4. I'm looking forward to the blenders givaway as well Christina xXx

  5. Looking forward to the blenders giveaway too...lol also I agree with nannapat, hopefully Cara will claim her prize in time but if not then it's nice that someone else will get the chance to win this wonderful gift. x

  6. Hi Christina,
    Would love to win the Blenders! And the choice you made would be fair!

  7. I`d like a chance to win the blenders.Thanks for all you do for us.Brenda

  8. Hi Christine your solution is very fair, the blenders giveaway sounds great I will definitely pop back, thank you for all your wonderful videos lots of love Jennifer x x x

  9. You couldn't be more fair Christina. xxx


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