January 30, 2013

Jewel Box Saga ... Finished

Hi Everybody,

Here is the finished Jewel Box and I am so pleased with the result. It is going to go on the dressing table in my guest room and I will look at it and think ... "I did that..."

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And for those of you who have thrown similar boxes away ... shame on you.!!!   

You'll be going to car boots in the summer now looking for another ... I know I will.

This is what I have done to finish my box ...

Once the varnish was dry I put it all back together so that I could see where I wanted to add my embellishments

You can see that the interior has been stained a beautiful shade of blue and I have added white lace to the sides of the doors and the drawers.

I have put back all the original hinges,  knobs and handles and only replaced the broken hinges to the lid.

On the lid I stamped the same swirl and then added silver Gilding Flakes.

The Corsage on the right consists of Spellbinders Foliage leaves and a mixture of flowers from
The large butterfly is a Marianne Creatables and I have added a Diamante strip to the body and for the butterfly trail

This is the right hand side of the jewel box and I have used Spellbinders Les Papillion butterflies and done the same thing to each of them.

Around the edge of each door, along the top of the lid and along the bottom edge I have added in some matching blue trim.

I added it under the door fastenings to make it look neater. 

 The left side has been treated the same way ... and using Diamante for the trails.

The braided trim can be seen clearly around the edges.

I found the little navy blue tassel in my "Stash"  and couldn't resist hanging it from the top knob.
On the drawer fronts I have added in a large  Diamante Frilly Flourish from Want2Scrap

I simply stuck it in place and then used a craft knife to separate the gemstones so that the drawers would open.  

That way the pattern stays in line and all I needed to do was tidy up any tiny gaps.

It looks much better in real life.

 Although a photo is a brilliant concept it can never portray the real beauty of something.

I don't mean to sound conceited but I really am proud of this little work of art.

So there is the finished Jewel Box.

And for the lady on YouTube ... who left me the comment saying that she thinks  I add too much "Bling" to my designs ...Well look away now 'coz this is serious overload ...

It will surely offend her sense of keeping it simple ... but I love it !

 And not to leave the back plain I have also decorated that too.

I have cut some trellis and a butterfly and added them along with some leaves and flowers into the recessed panel that was at the back.

The braided trim can be seen along the back panels too.

And to go a step further I have even glittered up all the flowers with Glamour Dust.

Thank you for your interest in this project and for leaving me your comments ... it is much appreciated.

Got to find another jewel box now and start again ... and although I didn't film this one ...  I promise I will for the next .... soreeeeeee !!

Hugs xx


  1. I have enjoyed the journey of your jewellery box, it certainly is a wonderful creation. Thank you for the tutorial. Linda xxx

  2. It's absolutely gorgeous Christina! (as I knew it would be) I managed to pick up an old jewelry box this weekend and it's a totally different style but I'm looking forward to reworking it somehow. Oh by the way, my place is decorated with blues so if you change your mind about keeping it.... LOL

  3. Christina what a amazing job you have done on this little jewel box you have decorated it beautifully


  4. WOW WOW WOW Christina absolutely stunning. What a work of art. Just adore all your dazzle, colours and the whole concept is delightful. Hope you find another jewel case to restore. Jealous, jealous, jealous.

    Wilma x x x

  5. Wow, what a great job you have done. A work of art! It doesn't matter if someone thinks it is over the top, you don't and it's your box. Be rightly proud! As I said before I have a box bought me by my late Dad. I will definetly be revamping mine after seeing what you have done, thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Oh my word this was a real labour of love!! Absolutely gorgeous. You have so much patience Christina!! Stunning! Christine x

  7. A shop would charge a fortune for this, perfect and gorgeous Christina. xxx

  8. Well done Christina. This is absolutely gorgeous.

  9. Absolutely stunning!!!!!! Although haven't left a comment on each stage have always looked & read how it's going and I for one wouldn't think u conceited, you're right to be proud it's absolutely stunning (think I mentioned that already....lol)

    Well Done!!!

    Margaret x

  10. Hi Christina wow the box is stunning ,a lot of work gone in to it but it has been worth it.
    my blenders have arrived and thank you for the card ,that was a lovely surprise .

  11. What is too much bling - never heard of that!! You have done a fantastic job with this jewel box and you have every right to be proud of it. I will definitely keep my eyes open for one and try and do a 'facelift' on it! Thanks for sharing with us Christina. Pat x

  12. All I can say is WOW. Its brilliant x

  13. Wow Christina this is absolutely stunning, you can see how much love and work has gone into it, and you do not sound conceited, I would be very proud of myself too, I love everything about it even the 'bling' I know everyone has there own style but as Thumper in Bambi said "if you ain't got nothing nice to say don't say anything at all". xx

  14. absolutely stunning Christina, you had better hide it when your daughter comes to visit cos she will want it back lol
    Hugs adie

  15. WOW! Christina, you have done an amazing job turning this box into such a beautiful creation. Your guests will love having it in their room. You should be very proud of the work you put into it. To the you tube lady--don't judge someone else, just admire their work & judge yourself! Now, what are "car boots"? I'm from the US, you know. Thank you for sharing your wonderful designs!

  16. This is so beautiful!!!! and you have all right to proud of this.....I know I would be....I love the color....and I'm sure it is stunning in your guest room....thanks for sharing...looking forward to another trash to treasure....

  17. I gave a box like that to oxfam 3 months ago -I wonder if they still have it?

  18. The WOW factor for sure.
    You have every right to be proud of yourself along with a big pat on the back as the Jewerly box is Absolutely Stunning and done in such a pretty blue. Love it.

  19. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! Does your daughter want it back :)

    Karen B.

  20. this is stunning! tfs huggs Amanda

  21. Wow Christina what a wonderful job you've made of it you have every right to be proud, i only wish i had half your talent and patience lol well done. Lorraine T

  22. Christina, Your jewel box is so beautiful. I love it and you should be proud of your work on it. For the lady who says you use to much bling, there are plenty of others who use less bling that you should check out. Christina's style is her own and stunning! I never would have thought to use all the wonderful things she uses in the past, but I am so over that now! Thank you for sharing your amazing inspirational projects and the videos you do to teach and inspire us to use things we normally would not use and different ways to use other item. Big Hugs, Lori

  23. Absolutely gorgeous Christina No wonder you are so proud of what you have done and like everybody else I've enjoyed you taking us through this step by step. xXx

  24. WOW, WOW and triple WOW! This turned out so beautiful - oh my goodness. Fabulous. TFS

  25. Christina this is beautiful. Love every inch of it. You should be proud of it. It took alot of work but turned into a thing of beauty. Thanks for sharing this with us. So creative!

  26. Oh! My! Word! Christina this is just WONDERFUL absolutely beautiful.
    Yes! am one of those who gave similar to the Charity Shop............how silly.
    If I had seen this I would have had a go. Mine would not have been as good but I would have tried.
    Thank you for all your fantastic Tutorials.
    Have Great Day

    Patricia. xxx

  27. So fantastic, I love it. xx Flora

  28. Wow,wow,wow! How dare anyone say you use too much bling!!! This is wonderful! You should be very proud.

  29. Now this is a piece of art in itself - I am gobsmacked - WOW!

  30. i've been keeping my eyes open for a similar item at flea markets and charity shops, no luck so far but i'll keep looking and if I find one and it comes out half as nice as yours i'll be happy


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