July 05, 2012

Last Day ...

Yesterday was a bit if a disaster. Griff has proved to be rather tasty to the local bugs and he has been bitten several times whilst we have been here.

Both his left  hand and a foot have swollen up quite considerably.

Having been to the pharmacy we were advised to go to the "Walk In" medical centre ... and  we spent two and a half hours waiting to see the doctor.

I am happy to say though that he has responded well to the antibiotics he was prescribed and the swelling has gone down a lot overnight.

So today we have been out and about again enjoying our last day on Prince Edward Island.

This was the wooden train in Georgetown and we also visited the Kings Playhouse.... were Griff did his party piece on an empty stage and I filmed him ... so which one of us is the most stupid .... don't answer that !!  

We stopped by the river in beautiful Montague for a delicious salad lunch and wandered around this pretty place for an hour and more.

After a lovely afternoon we motored on to St Peters
and walked over the boardwalk across the river to the little gift shops.
Once back at Naomis we all got ready to go out for a last meal together at the local seafood restaurant.

Griff and Naomi had to select lobsters that they wanted to eat ... and then had to wait for it to be prepared.

The meal was lovely ....

... and this is Naomi tucking in to her lobster.

They were both supplied with plastic bibs and Troy and I said it was like sitting at a table with two 2 year olds  in bibs.

But it was a good night out and we all enjoyed our selves.

And tomorrow we set off for home again and have long day of travelling in front of us.

In the morning w e will be getting the ferry from Wood Island across to Nova Scotia and then our flight will leave Halifax at 23.45

Both of us are hoping so get some sleep on the flight because when we get back to London at 09.30 on Saturday morning we still have to drive back to the North West of England.

So probably no post tomorrow but once I get settled back at home we will be back to normal again and crating will resume as normal.

We have had an amazing time here with Naomi and Troy and been made to feel so welcome. Both of us are very grateful for the opportunity they have given us to visit this lovely part of Canada.

Hugs xx


  1. So glad y'all have had a great time. It has been an honor sharing your vacation. Have a safe journey back to the wet UK

  2. Glad you have had such a good time and it's been lovely seeing all your photos.
    Safe journey home!

  3. Sorry to hear about the bug bites but glad he responded to the antibiotics. Sounds like your having a wonderful time!! Say Hi to Naomi and I am sure they were amazing hosts...have a safe trip back and thanks for sharing your journey!
    Sherrie K


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